About Us

Who we are

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in honesty and simplicity. Our team has pledged that:

We provide safe, timely and high-quality staffing service to our clients by incorporating safe and rigorous recruitment process.

We provide value for your money by providing competent, skilled and experienced staff to fulfil your staffing needs.

We listen to your feedback and use it to assess and improve the service that we offer.

We listen to your concerns and work with you to resolve any complaints in a timely manner.

We provide an affordable service

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a seamless person-centred care and support in a client’s home, hospital or clinical setting ensuring that service delivery has positive outcomes for the service user.

our mission is to provide a service that is safe, caring, effective and responsible to the needs of the client, safeguarding and supporting health and well-being to a high standard.

Our Values

At Marigold Care Services LTD we offer highly trained staff who are committed to using innovative evidence-based care

Safeguarding vulnerable adults is a priority and we ensure that patient safety is of paramount importance and that service users are protected from abuse and harm.

Ethical considerations are upheld at all times and we value the client’s privacy, confidentiality, informed choice, autonomy, dignity, respect for their values and beliefs despite age, race, nationality, language, religion, age, sex or sexual orientation, without any discrimination. We recognise and support a client’s individuality and diversity of each service user

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Our nursing care services help to improve your health which is never compromised. We adhere to all medical guidelines in order to provide you with the most caring and attentive nursing care.