What Service We Offer

Permanent staffing

We provide recruitment solutions that can help you find the right nursing professional to meet your establishment’s needs, while reducing unnecessary hiring and vacancy costs.

Temporary staffing

Our nurses and carers integrate perfectly within your permanent work force allowing you to scale your team up to meet service user’s needs.

Recruitment solutions

The recruitment process can be very challenging, and many vary in different establishments.Our recruitment solution services, incorporate an effective recruitment process that helps us find, attract and retain the right candidate within the healthcare sector. We identify hiring needs, prepare job descriptions, advertise, screen and shortlist candidates and conduct interviews for you.

Training centre

We provide trainings at our Headquarters. We offer total training coverage of the UK and have flexible in-house training options available for each of our courses.

Acute Nursing

Our nurses work in areas where patients need uninterrupted time and attention. At Marigold Care Services LTD, we provide acute nurses for patients who are diagnosed and suffering from short-term yet serious conditions. Acute nurses are capable of providing bed care services to patients who need them, using various forms of technology to test and monitor patients and provide medications as prescribed by the medical practitioner. Besides this, our professionals also attempt to nip the medical problem in the bud.

We are proud to service clients representing


What People Say About Us

John Doe

    I learned my nursing course here, because it allows me to work with children with special needs and their families.

    John Doe

    Jennifer Doe

      I learned about nursing services here. My nursing skills were well developed as an independent nursing professional.

      Jennifer Doe

      Claudia Doe

        I strongly recommend this nursing center to anyone who are curious about nursing career, I got certified here and placed.

        Claudia Doe

        Community Nursing

        At Marigold Care Services LTD, we understand the primary goal of community nursing. The various prevention, promotion, health care and maintenance strategies are implemented for the wellbeing of the entire community. We take care of our clients and support them with our community nursing services.

        As a part of community nursing services we offer